Aki Hoshino is the cleavage master!

Aki Hoshino is a very famous beauitul japanese gravure idol. She has really big boobs and the most pretty face, so innocent and seductive. Here she is in the bathroom wearing her fluffy white bikini and shawl, posing so cute with her boobs nearly falling out of her bikini top. So hot Aki!

A few magazing pics of Aki Hoshino

Aki Hoshino is deemed as the Legendary Queen of Photogravure, and if you’ve been clicking around in the japanese idols and japanese gravure photography photobooks and blogs then you surely know of this gorgeous japanese beauty Aki Hoshino.

Aki Hoshino in black panties and stockings

Sexy japanese idol Aki Hoshino is looking so sexy in her black bra and panties and her sexy black stockings too. She’s posing on top of her white sheets in bed and squeezing together those gigantic boobs. She’s such a cutie pie! It seems she will never grow old!

Aki Hoshino teasing on the roulette table

Beautiful japan gravure idol Aki Hoshino is wearing some sexy and shiny yet classy bikini panties outfit that is revealing a LOT of her big boobs cleavage. She’s looking so seductive and serious at first showing her total cuteness then at the end she’s giving a nice cute little grin with her pretty face and lips. Her body is so tight and her boobs look so big and natural, the side boobs picture is the best imho

Japanese gravure idol Aki Hoshino in stockings

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Gorgeous and busty jav idol Aki Hoshino is always looking so beautiful, especially here she’s wearing her black lingerie and black stockings, her hair is all curly and her black panties fit so nice and tightly around her virgin parts, and ass! She’s such a cutie pie, I really am amazed at her age (check “About Aki Hoshino” page at right, you’ll see her age).

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Sexy japanese gravure nurse Aki Hoshino

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Aki Hoshino is a sexy 32 year old gravure idol from Japan, she’s very popular, sometimes you’ll see her on tshirts (I just seen a guy wearing a tshirt with her on it in Pantip Plaza in Bangkok). She’s dressed up as a nurse in cosplay here with her boobs almost hangout out of her sexy uniform. She has white stockings on and she’s opening her legs so you can see her little panties and lingerie-looking sexy outfit underneith. Then she just removes the nurse uniform and lays on the bed looking up at the camera with her sexy seductive and cute face. So freaking sexy!!!

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Aki Hoshino just finished with her shower

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Cute japanese gravure idol Aki Hoshino has herĀ  hair in a towel as she just finished taking a shower, she’s already got her flowered panty and bra on and fixing up her sexy body to go into the public. She’s clipping her toenails and making sure her full tits are fitting inside her bra, her boobs are so massive I guess she has to make sure they are flopping out hehe. Her cleavage is giving me a freaking hard-on!!! She’s such a cutie, and her body is still so extremely fit even though she’s getting older, believe it or not she’s in her lower thirties!!!! That is amazing!

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